“Keep Running”

When I started running regularly about a year ago, one of my goals was to lose weight. Another was to become more healthy (so I could be a better Dad to my kids and husband) and lastly I wanted to complete the Reach the Beach Relay with the #GuzmanGuys attaining solid times for the team. All along the way, I had a hope that this running would put a dent in my Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)….something that had plagued me since I was 27. Well today, I can say that I am on my way!

I had an appointment with my Rheumtologist today and he said I don’t have to be back for a year. He mentioned that my inflammation was way down and things are going well. After a review of recent bloodwork and talking through how I am feeling, he sent me off not expecting to see me for a WHOLE year! Considering when I met him 10 years ago, I was visited him monthly at the start followed by quarterly visits each year. Part of the success of the past few years had been Enbrel which I have been on for the past 5 years (but have now cut my shots from 52 to less than 12 per year and falling) but the other part which has led to the good moves in my vitals has been running and eating better over the past year!

  The short form of my success is this: Run 20-30 miles a week (when I started last year I was at 10-15), limit my net calorie intake to 2000/day adding the likes of Chia, vegetables and more proteins, working out between runs whether it is playing hockey once a week or doing weights/aerobic exercises in between and a focus on what is important in my life (thus limiting stress). I suppose I could go into bigger detail on this someday but for now I am just going to gloat! 

I am darn happy with this success and with 2016 right in front of us, my hope is to continue to rid myself of this horrible disease. Now I realize that such might not be possible but I am going to try. The doc said to “keep running” and that is what I will do. 

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