Accountability Update: One Shoe (style) does not fit all feet

This morning, when I ran along the Charles River in Boston, I noticed a change in my behavior so to speak – in short, 28 degrees did not bother me! Since the half marathon a few weeks ago, I have been fighting the colder and colder temps each day and it has been miserable. Just too cold. So today rolls around, it is 28 degrees and I kill it! Feel great and it is the coldest morning in 6 months. As I type this 8 hours later, I still feel great (which is good because I have hockey tonight). No injuries to speak of but I do have a topic that is bothering me.


I have been listening to another new book from my Audible account written by Nicholas Romanov. Besides sounds like an infomercial for this writers services (the first two chapters so far), this book also goes into the topic of running shoes and how “horrible” they are for you. Perhaps I just happened to pick three books that all think alike but this thought process is starting to annoy me. I can personally attest that since I laced up my Hoka One One Clifton’s about 45 days ago, my leg pains have plummeted; my injuries are almost nonexistent; and my times have improved. Before this period, I ran in flatter Asics and the pain levels were higher and occurring more often.

Let me name a simple point: the minimalist tend is not for everyone! I battle PSA (a disease that attacks my joints all the time) and low sole shoes seems to hurt me and my joints. I feel every hit to the ground and these hits add up at the end of the day. Since I have switched to the Hoka’s, the pain has simply gone away and for me, that is something that makes my running more enjoyable. The shoes are absorbing the pounding and as a result my joints feel better and that by extension removes the need for various meds. That to me is a major win.

So for all of those out there who claim running shoes are evil and should be tossed in the trash in favor of sandles or barefeet, perhaps they should think about the audience who is being spoke to first. One shoe or style does not fit every person’s foot! Consider that next time before you lecture people on their running gear.

As for my accountability this week, improvement was seen across the board after s weak previous week (as I recovered from the half marathon). Weight came down to 192 now which is the lowest in years! Hoping to finish the year strong and continue to drive these numbers for the better!



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