What You Miss? Week in Review Running & Pics

It has been a slow week on the running front. Started tinkering with my running form a bit after listening to the “Cool Impossible” and all I was left with was major calf pain! What I did learn though is that my arm swing needed to be fixed a tad (and my numbers improved after such) but I did not need to run exclusively on my forefoot.   

As I have mentioned a few times on this blog, since I have gone to the Hoka Clifton’s, my pains have gone away for the most part. Recovery is quicker and contrary to the beliefs in the “Cool Impossible,” running with the heal is not a bad thing. It occurred to me after trying to run almost with my forefoot only for two days that while I am lighter in on my feet, I am creating more stress in my legs. So I reverted back to my old running stance, plus a better arm swing (which was a great learning tip from the audible book) and finished the week strong!

Now, with the cold weather here now in full force, I really need to overcome the urge to stay in bed versus run! 

Here are this week’s pics and a few from Santa’s Village as well (what is Santa’s Village? Read our condo review over at McCartySeasons.com)






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