Accountability Update: Calf Pain!

As I pointed out over the weekend, I finished  “Born to Run” recently and all the talk about ways to run in that book (and all the barefoot chatter that followed) got me thinking that perhaps my own form needed some work. Yes, I just ran my best half marathon a little more than a week ago but that should not stop one from looking at ways to improve! So I downloaded the audio book “The Cool Impossible.” It is written by Eric Orton, who was the trainer for the writer of “Born to Run” and also one of the runners in the book. Since I have never been formerly coached on running, I figured I would read/listen a book by a coach!

So since late last week, I have been training in my basement versus hitting the pavement. Due to work commitments and family activities, my running in the morning has been limited of late anyhow…add in the bad weather we had last week and it seemed like a good idea to work on something else while I am idled so to speak. So I started working on my calf with and by extension, muscle memory. If you search the web, you can find many exercises to use on a “slant” board which Orton pushes. The exercises on the slant board power the calf and are used to prevent injuries by putting more power into one’s run. 

With a few of those sessions under my belt, I hit the streets last night working on what Eric preaches in his book – arms swing forward, power in the calf, forefoot hitting and knees rising. I can tell you that after the run last night, I was sore! Then I did it again this morning and as I type, I am very sore! But that is expected when someone is tinkering with their form (I hope). My goal is to continue to do this more often to supplement my core workouts. Add in my running and all of a sudden, I have a complete running regiment!

Major running plans notwithstanding, my miles were down this week as a result of this “off street” training. If I was sitting on a couch eating chips I would be upset by the drop in my rankings but that was not the case! Things will be like this probably for a few more weeks before I ramp back up (unless is snows). There was a positive this week from last week though – I dropped my weight about a pound! 

Here at the numbers 


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